Membership & Sponsorship

How We Partner


Over time, Covenant Health’s strong, trusting relationships with Dioceses and Congregations, as well as affiliated and managed organizations have resulted in the sponsors, leadership teams and boards of independent organizations making the decision to become full members of the Covenant Health family of organizations.

  • Membership is open to organizations that currently identify as Catholic and those that do not.
  • Membership establishes the most formal relationship possible between Covenant Health and a historically Catholic or non-Catholic organization.
  • The “Membership Agreement” details the nature of the relationship and the rights and responsibilities of each party.


As a Public Juridic Person of Pontifical Right, Covenant Health Systems has the ability to sponsor Catholic organizations, as well organizations that desire to identify with the Catholic faith. As such, Covenant has the responsibility to maintain and strengthen the Catholic health ministry. All newly sponsored organizations are subject to all Covenant Health policies and procedures.

For Organizations that Identify with the Catholic Faith:
  • Transfer of sponsorship, including canonical leadership, to Covenant is available to those Catholic organizations that wish to ensure the continued Catholic identity of the organization.
  • The discussions regarding potential transfers of sponsorship from Congregations or Dioceses come at the initiation of the Sponsor. Understanding that these are major decisions, Covenant Health collaborates with the Sponsors to:
    • Identify the major considerations that the Sponsors have in transferring sponsorship.
    • Understand the mission for the institution, its commitment to the community and other mandates and expectations.
  • Following a planned transition, Covenant Health actively engages in efforts to preserve these commitments and to carry on the mission of the Sponsors.
For Organizations that Do Not Currently Identify with the Catholic Faith:
  • In some circumstances, Covenant may accept a change of ownership by an organization that has no formal connection to the Catholic faith. Once sponsored by Covenant Health, the organization would generally be recognized as a Catholic entity.
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