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The Mindful Five – Tap Into Your Five Senses This Fall

By Suzanne Dumaresq

The onset of fall in New England offers an inviting opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, cooler temperatures and brilliant foliage. Be sure to take it — and enjoy a brisk walk in the autumn air to boost your mood and energy level as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

Make the most of your stroll by silencing your phone. Focus on tapping into your five senses. Begin by focusing on your breath. Then, gently shift your concentration to one sense at a time, as though each is new to you.

  • Gaze around your surroundings. SEE the colors, shapes and textures. Is there anything special or refreshing about what you see?
  • Listen to the sounds in the air. What do you HEAR? Can you make out sounds that are new or interesting to you?
  • As you walk, contemplate the air’s SMELL. Is it fresh? Is it pleasant? Does it bring to mind a particular feeling or memory?
  • Turn your attention to your mouth. Feel your tongue against your teeth. Do you TASTE anything?
  • Stop walking for a moment. TOUCH a tree or flower — maybe a leaf or blade of grass. How does it feel? Is it familiar or unfamiliar? Rough or smooth?

As your walk comes to an end, take a moment to truly appreciate the season’s splendor. Draw in a deep breath and exhale. Finally, schedule a bit of time for yourself to be mindful each and every day.

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