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iCAD’s ProFound AI Mammography Technology Saves Lives

Thanks to the support of many generous donors and a grant from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, St. Joseph Healthcare upgraded its 3D mammography system with new ProFound AI, or artificial intelligence, technology.

ProFound AI’s innovative features transform the diagnostic experience — enabling the detection of cancer earlier with far greater precision, which leads to improved treatment and outcomes for cancer patients.

ProFound AI provides a second electronic look at the multiple mammogram images included in a radiologist’s evaluation. It highlights irregular areas within the breast tissue that require further review. In some cases, it can even highlight areas too small for the human eye to recognize as a potential cancerous tissue pattern — even in dense breast tissue.

Guillermo Olivos, MD

The upgrades were installed in January and have already shown excellent results. “Having the ProFound AI makes me feel even more confident in my interpretation of a mammogram,” says Guillermo Olivos, MD. “I feel reassured when the system double-checks my work and doesn’t find anything of note. Occasionally, it has called my attention to some subtle areas that I gave a closer inspection before making my final report. I am grateful to have this unique tool to help care for my patients.”

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