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Mission Leaders Walk in Our Foundresses’ Footsteps

“Spiritual booster shot,” “inspiring,” and “grateful” are a few of the words describing the sentiments of the Covenant Health Mission leaders’ pilgrimage to Montreal and Varennes, the birthplace of St. Marguerite d’Youville. This past weekend, eight mission leaders from across the system traveled to Montreal, Canada, to walk in the footsteps of St. Marguerite and the Sisters of Charity, Grey Nuns. Their visit included:

• A stay at Chateauguay, an island purchased by St. Marguerite and owned by the Grey Nuns for many years

• Helping serve a meal at Accueil Bonneau, a soup kitchen run by the Grey Nuns

• Learning about a Grey Nun collaborative ministry serving the needs of the poor by providing clothing, personal care supplies, health services and more

• Touring the hospital started by St. Marguerite, the place where she died, which is now a museum

• Visiting Notre-Dame Basilica, where she was married

• Seeing a moving holographic story of St. Marguerite’s care for women and babies

• Attending Mass at Eglise Ste-Anne de Varennes, where St. Marguerite was baptized the day after her birth, on October 16, her feast day, and where she is buried

• Exploring a museum in her honor where we learned much more about her life and work

• A wonderful visit with the Grey Nuns, who greeted us with a friendly reception and tour of their new home

“Learning more about St. Marguerite’s resilience deeply touched me. She was the original Wonder Woman,” shares Flynn. “When most would have thrown in the towel after facing setbacks and tragedies, Marguerite doubled down and reaffirmed her faith in the Eternal Father. That’s the type of ministry we want to emulate.”

Flynn adds, “St. Marguerite’s devotion is what made her different. More than two hundred fifty years after her passing, her legacy lives on at St. Joseph Hospital. Our team is inspired every day to carry on her vision and work by providing compassionate care to those who need it most.”

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